Contact Us

Feel free to contact us any time you want.  Our details are... Calvin Community Church, 25 Robertson Street, Gore 9710.  P 03 208 9973, E office

Keith Hooker, Senior Pastor, 021 233 4452,

Ken Williams, Associate Pastor, 027 840 1161,

Melissa Martin, Youth Pastor

Christine Cornwall, Children's Worker,

Jocelyn Grace, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, 027 843 0800,

Nicola Russell, Administrator

Christine Turner & Meralyn Sheilds, Admin Assistants

Andrew Dodds, Session Clerk

Staff Leave over Summer 2014/15

Keith's on call until 19th January.

Ken's on call from 20th January.

Jocelyn is available after 6th January.

Melissa, Christine C & Leah are available after 8th January.

Meralyn, Christine T or Nicola will be in the office on Thursday mornings through January.